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  • Complete Store Setup

    To facilitate a seamless Shopify experience, our experts offer turnkey dropshipping websites that eliminate any potential obstacles.

  • Responsive Design

    Our prebuilt stores are designed to be fully responsive and work across all devices, which improves the overall shopping experience for your customers.

  • Winning Products

    We select top quality products with high selling potential to enhance your store. Our team has the extensive experience and industry expertise to identify top-notch merchandise.

  • 100% Ownership

    Once you become a proud owner of one of our stores, you gain 100% ownership and control over the Shopify store, enabling you to manage and reap the benefits of its profits. Rest assured, there are no strings attached.

  • Customized Logo & Domain

    We enhance your Shopify business with a custom, professionally designed logo and unique domain. This will instill confidence in your visitors and encourage them to make purchases.

  • Friendly Support

    Reach out to our seasoned Shopify specialists whenever you require assistance. We're just a message away, ready to provide support.

Some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us any time.

Prebuilt Shopify Store FAQ

What is dropshipping?

With dropshipping, you can operate an online business without the hassle of manufacturing, storing, or shipping products. Instead, you sell products at retail prices and forward the order to a supplier at wholesale prices, allowing you to earn profit from the price difference.

How soon will my shopify store be ready?

All prebuilt stores are delivered within 3 business days. If there is any delay, our team will let you know.

Is a custom domain included with my store?

No, the package does not include domain names. The cost of transferring domain name ownership to you is higher than purchasing a new domain. Once the store is delivered to you, we will help to connect any custom domain.

Will you teach me how to use my store?

We are committed to providing you with all the tools you need to thrive. This includes detailed instructions on how to add products, fulfill orders, and make updates to your website. Our blog is also a valuable resource for keeping up with eCommerce trends and best practices. Plus, our support team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

What is the difference between a custom and pre-built store?

Our team builds custom Shopify stores from the ground up to cater specifically to your needs in terms of products, categories, colors, and more. These stores are unique to you and typically take 7-14 business days to complete.

On the other hand, prebuilt stores are built based on our successful online stores. Prebuilt stores are delivered within 72 hours.

Do you charge any ongoing monthly fee?

No, there is no monthly fee associated with the store we create for you. You only need to pay a one-time fee when you purchase the store.

What will my monthly expenses for running the store?

All you have to worry about in terms of monthly expenses is the fee you pay directly to Shopify for your monthly plan ($29) and your marketing costs.

Will I be the full owner of my pre-built store?

You will receive 100% ownership and control of the store upon delivery. As the exclusive owner, you will have the freedom to utilize your new e-commerce business in any way you desire.

How many products are added to the store?

We will include a selection of 10-25 high-caliber products in your pre-built Shopify store. You will have the option to easily customize, add, or remove additional products as desired at a later stage.

What suppliers do I use?

To ensure the quality and reliability of our products, we partner with trusted suppliers like AliExpress, Printful, and Spocket.

You have the option to select suppliers from both China and the US on AliExpress, depending on your preference.

China suppliers typically have a shipping time of 2-4 weeks, while US based AliExpress suppliers usually take 3-7 days for shipping.

Despite this, the product catalog for US-based suppliers is smaller than that of China-based suppliers. It is important to mention, the AliExpress platform is free to use.

Additionally, we offer the option of using Spocket for suppliers. In order to do so, you'll be required to create a Spocket account and share your login details with us. Keep in mind that there is a monthly fee charged by Spocket which you will need to pay them directly. You can Sign up for Spocket here.

How can I accept payments from my customers?

When you're ready to accept payments, you will need to sign up for a payment gateway provider. We recommend Shopify Payments, PayPal, or Stripe.

Many payment gateway providers only require you to have a bank account.

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