How To Dropship From AliExpress To Shopify

How To Dropship From AliExpress To Shopify

In this guide we will explain some basic strategies for dropshipping products from AliExpress to a Shopify Store. AliExpress is an online retail service based in China which offers a wide variety of products at low prices. These benefits make it an excellent option when looking for a dropshipping supplier for your Shopify Store.

Follow the guide below to start selling products in your Shopify store using AliExpress.

Step 1:

First find a product you want to sell using AliExpress, we recommend checking customer reviews or placing a test order to test the products quality.

Step 2:

Next navigate to your Shopify store and locate the “Products” tab on the left sidebar of your dashboard.

Step 3:

Click the “Add Product” button, then input your product title and select Save.

Step 4:

Once you’ve entered the title, click the text editor below and create a brief description. Then click Save.

Step 5:

Now just below the description, upload your product images, select the price, inventory, and shipping settings for your new product. Be sure to increase your AliExpress products price so you make a profit.

Step 6:

When you receive an order for your product, purchase the item on AliExpress and enter your customer’s name and shipping address. The seller handles the rest.

Additional Tips:

  • There are many warehouses and suppliers who carry AliEpress products that can help automate the dropshipping process and reduce shipping times. A few popular options are CJDropshipping, DSers, and Spocket.
  • If you are purchasing products manually, it is best to keep a spreadsheet with a list of your dropshipping products, the price on AliExpress, the amount you’re selling them for, and the AliExpress link.
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